Road Marking Machine For Thermoplastic


Road Marking Machine For Thermoplastic paint

cat.เครื่องเทอร์โมพลาสติก s.1 2

Paint Teat (Direct heat ) or oll Jacketed (Indirect heat ) transmission oll Non-pressurized Manual agitator with Hydraullc system self
movement with speed marking at 1 km /hr. Equlpped with HONDA PETROL ENGINE 5hps. for S.2 and movement by hand push for S.1

Gloss Beods System Capacity 10-10 kgs with 100 m. Dispencer

Heating System 60,000-75,000 Btu.

10cm. Screed shoe Mode from thick steel plate. Heat treated. not aluminum, no clean cut. On/Off operattion. Improved push/pull mechanism ellminates dle spring Also Avallable In 15 and 20cm. wide screed thoes ( optional).

Hand torch For safety purpose.

Lockable Rear Caster 6 ” diameter straight tracked position or 360 degree swivel.

Front wheel 10″ Diameter each.



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