Solvent-Borne Traffic Cold Paints

Solvent-Borne Traffic Cold Paints

traffic paint

Description: Premium quality quick drying chlorinated Rubber or acrylic based paints used as road marking and symbols applied by spray, brush or rollers .Traffic Intertrade PPI Traffic Paints conform to the specifications of BS 6044,T-152D SDS.,TIS 415-2551,Level 1 and Level 2,JIS k 5665-1992 Class 1 and Class 2 and other customers’ requirements.

Purpose: For Traffic marking on asphalt and concrete road surface, on curbs , kilometer posts, car parks, warehouses , bridges and also suitable for airfield pavements.

Color: White, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue and Green

Composition – Pigment 50% by weight of paint non volatile 70% min .by weight
Consistency – 70 to 90 Kreb units
Density – 1.28 g/cm3 min.
Fineness of Grind – 80 microns max.
Drying Time – 5 minutes @30 deg C.
Theoritical Coverage – 10 sq. meters per pail (1 U.S gallon or 3.78 liters )
Packaging : Available in 1 U.S gallon pail or 3.78 liters, 5 US gallons pail or 18.9 liters and 200 liters metal drum

Materials are also available in:
EN1436 EN1871
AS4049.2 NTZ M/20
Any other Standards

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